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Today marked the official launch of the Dagmar Build

Using our new corporate sponsor, Lakeridge Ski Resort's parking lot as a launching pad, an enthusiastic group of volunteers met this pristine April morning and  began to "eat the elephant".  A sizable chunk of single track corridor was cleared as we prepare for the arrival of the contractors and their machines. 

DAGMAR INFO PAGE eyeballs need to look!

Check out our DAGMAR information page where your help can make 8km. of sweet single track become a reality this year. We need your help clearing and building the trails. Do not how? We have a course April 24th.

Ticks with Lyme Disease found in region

The ticks and bacterium causing Lyme disease has been found in the Toronto region. Tick collection and testing by City of Toronto Public Health, Durham Region Public Health and York Region Public Health has found a small number(<10) of ticks with the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi; the cause of Lyme disease in humans.

Below is a link for more information, please read and be informed.

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Durham conditions update

Adam from Chico Racing put together a video to update us on the conditions in Durham

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Volunteers Needed For "Pancakes and Kids in the Forest"

The time has come to prepare for our annual Pancakes and Kids in the Forest day. The event is scheduled to be held on Saturday May 2nd from 10-1p.m. I am looking for a handful of volunteers to assist in the following areas:

Set up


Food Prep, Cooking

Ride Leaders 

Clean up

Anyone interested in helping put on this great event, please email me at: