Thanks to Our Awesome Volunteers

 This morning, an enthusiastic team of 12 hard-working DMBA volunteers put a total of approximately 36 man hours into clearing the new trail tread for this Fall’s build (Oct. 18). The work went really well and, with some serious bucksaw work, dexterous lopping and slightly less elegant log removal, we were able to clear about 750m of the 1.5 km total trail length. It is always amazing to see the transformation that takes place from a piece of forest that is difficult to walk through to becoming an enjoyable foot path and it will soon be a great bike trail.

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Volunteers Needed

The DMBA needs your assistance. As you may or may not know, the DMBA operates on a volunteer basis. The ride leaders you see out on the trails as well as the people that work behind the scene (Trail Crew, Directors, Etc.) are all volunteers who give their spare time to the sport they love. As a result of the busy life that we all have, we have not been able to consistently bring you the Saturday Ride from 3ROCKS. We are asking that someone (or a couple/group of people) step up and volunteer to post out and lead rides from the 3Rocks lot to ensure that everyone can get their bike fix.

DMBA Helping Out at Harold Town

On Monday evening, 3 members of the DMBA travelled to Peterborough to help the local mountain bike club to do trail work at Harold Town Conservation Area. The Peterborough club was very appreciative for our help. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a informal partnership between the two clubs. The Harold Town club has done an excellent job of building a riding destination that was recognized last year in Canadian Cyclist Magazine as being one of the top ten new riding destinations in Canada. We are indeed very fortunate that these trails are within an easy drive from our homes.

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Renegade Signage Removed from Skyloft Connector

An freelance sign was installed at the top of the new Skyloft Connector trail.

The sign has been removed, since all signage, trail maintenance, trail repairs and building in Durham Forest needs the express permission of Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA).

In any case, LSRCA built the trail, so they get to officially name it. In the meantime, call it what you will, but maybe Skyloft Connector will have to do. It is, after all, a mult-use trail, not expressly built for mountain bikes.

Ladies Tail Gate Party!

After the Ladies ride monday night there was a Tail Gate Party, with cold lemon aid.  A cheerful refreshing time for all!