Aug 16 Dagmar Update

The Dagmar North Trail Project is now more than 92% complete.  Just one more trail to tackle and a few features to fine tune and then it's time to ride.  The amount of volunteer hours to date is staggering and is a testament to all the DMBA members who have taken the time to participate in this awesome project.  It is going to be so cool to see all the Dagmar Founder jerseys in the forest.  For those that are close to getting the seven builds in to earn a jersey, you better get out soon as there aren't a lot of builds left.  Just sayin'.


10k Completed

We have now built 10k of trail in Daagmar.  Only 2 more to go.

 It has been a great summer of building and we only have a few more kilometers to go to complete this awesome trail network.  It seemed so daunting back in May when we started to build but with each build we have slowly gotten to this point where there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  We now only have a handful of builds left to reach our goal of 12k.

Trail Etiquette 101

One of our members, Lee Fisher, was featured on talking about Trail Etiquette.

Some of the key points to remember in order to have fun and to stay safe on the trails are:

Revealed: the Dagmar Jersey

June 22nd was a big day for DMBA what with the presentation to Uxbridge Council and the Jersey Launch party at Jerseys. The Council presentation was positive and well received. We should get some good P.R. value from that.