Trails Closed For Logging Re-Opened- Some Permanent Closures

As of Friday evening, the trails temporarily closed for logging activities in Durham Forest, have been re-opened. Users would be wise to avoid the double tracks in that area, at least until the ground is frozen, as the logging equipment has them churned up into a bit of a mire.

I'm happy to report that the single track trails, that I rode today, were in pretty good shape, thanks to the land manager, LSRCA, who insisted that logging contractors stay off of these trails. It is my understanding that one trail has sustained a little damage which will be rectified. 

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Reminder DMBA AGM this Sunday

Hi, our Annual General meeting is this Sunday. Please sign up at the link below if you are able to join us. Thank you

The Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday November 20 at 10:30am. The meeting will be held at the Town of Uxbridge town offices in the council chambers. It is located at 51 Toronto, St South, Uxbridge. Following the meeting let's go for a ride starting in Durham Forest!

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Trail build Ravenshoe forest

Just a reminder our trail build in York region forest "Ravenshoe" is this Sun at 9 am! Lunch ,draw prizes and cool new shirts provided. Post build bonfire and beer donated by Steamwhistle breweries. Weather looks great, come on out to participate in the protection and maintaining of the trails we love! Hope to se you there! Belinda

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Ravenshoe trail work and History

This Sunday Oct. 30  we are building new board walk and elevated skinnys on both Big Meany and Stinky as well as trail maintenance on other trails. Chris Reid - one of the Ravenshoe originals put together this history of Ravenshoe. Fun times - I am sure many of you remember the double teeter-totter.

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if a tree falls on a rider, will anyone hear their screams?

The Durham Forest trail closure is for the safety of all involved, the forestry operators and the general public. Trespassing into the tree felling and buffer zone hampers and lengthens the closure. Which will only lead greater measures being considered to ensure the safe operations of normal forest activity. Please stay out and inform others that their selfish actions will hurt the general community and will have trails closed longer, “much longer”. The logging will generate revenue for the Forest which will be put back into the forest; re-foresting with species native to the area.