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Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners:  Local businesses that have pledged to work as partners with us to support our efforts.  Partners contribute $300 or more, donate products and prizes to support our club events, work with us to help develop our membership and mission, and offer our members a special discount on their products and/or services.  We thank you for your helpful partnership.

Since 1975, Silent Sports has been your source in the Greater Toronto Area for cycling, windsurfing, kitesurfing and cross country skiing. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are experienced in a variety of sports ranging from surfing and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) to road racing and downhill mountain biking. Along with our retail location on Doncaster Ave in Thornhill, Ontario, we also ship our products all over Canada and the United States.

Riding Feels Good, a growing on-line hub for the Canadian cycling community, is Eastern Canada’s largest and most-engaged cross-disciplinary cycling forum with over 9200 members and rising. With a global reach, its unique coverage and discussion showcases all things “bike” in Canada. At RFG we are devoted to helping cyclists of all disciplines connect and unite in the common goal of enjoying the ride. We are committed to sharing our passion for bikes through coverage of relevant stories, support of local initiatives, and respectful communication. We ride and are devoted to helping cyclist of all disciplines connect and unite in their common goal of enjoying the ride.

Founded in 1988, Spoke O'Motion has evolved into one of Ontario's pre-eminent destination bike stores.

We eat, live, and breathe cycling: Our store is staffed by riders - including multiple Provincial championships in road and mountain - and mechanical wizards. Multiple world-class athletes have emerged from our riding programs including Olympic athlete Ed Veal and current X-Games Slopestyle World Champion Brett Rheeder.

That's truly the beauty of Spoke O'Motion. We're about more than selling widgets - we are wholly committed to grassroots cycling. We don't support cycling by just cutting a check. We put our own blood, sweat, and blisters into our passion. For example, our weekly race series is the longest continually running MTB race series in the province and as official "trail stewards" of the Hodgson Tract of Simcoe Regional Forest, we have logged thousands of hours into trail maintenance over the past 20+ years.

Like you, we are riders first and foremost. Riders that just happen to be prepared to help repair your bike, find the new bike of your dreams, or make sure you are getting the most out of your current gear through suspension tuning and bike fit.

Come in to see us and you'll quickly discover why people are such passionate advocates for Spoke O'Motion. Our service is second to none, our prices are super competitive, and we carry 100% Canadian-owned content for our major bike lines (Cannondale, Norco, Rocky Mountain). We are grassroots cycling. See you on the trails!

Bikenxs racing and coaching run by Eric Orschel has been actively involved in mountain biking in the Durham Region for the last 25 years. Organizing MTB Enduros and helping develop some of the original single-track trails in Durham Forest/Walker Woods was our initial focus back in the 1990's. Today, Eric is using his national racing experience and focusing on coaching and technical skill development for up and coming young racers and veteran trail enthusiasts. Over the last 6 years he has coached 4 different junior athletes to represent Canada on the National Team at World MTB Championships. If you need a personal training plan that is specific to your racing/endurance goals or looking for a private technical skill lesson to improve your riding skills then Bikenxs is your local mtb expert. If you are looking for a new racing/speed challenge then come out to the weekly Thursday Night Durham Forest race series that runs from May to September. Visit us at or email Eric at .

Cycle Solutions has been around a while now. We like hanging around the store and shooting it with the customers. We also like riding. So, of course, we were on the trail one day when someone goes and blows out their suspension fork on a drop. Ride comes to an end...

At the trailhead, sitting around and wiping mud out of our ears, someone pulls a laptop out of the back of a car, and starts checking online for a new fork. This gets us to thinking, if everyone already has a laptop and the internet is everywhere, wouldn’t it be nice to get that replacement fork delivered to the trail, and then you just keep riding?!

We’re not there yet, but that’s what we’re aiming for. In the meantime, enjoy the convenience of shopping from Cycle Solutions wherever you thought to bring a computer. 

Don't just visit us on-line. We also have two full service brick and mortar locations.

Whether you need your derailleurs adjusted, a tube replaced, or a complete overhaul, we have the service experts with the experience, knowledge and training to do the job right the first time, every time. Please contact us any time with your service inquiries. Or, even better, bring your bike in to discuss your bicycle issues and find out what service is appropriate. Estimates are always free so you'll get the information you need and can decide how to proceed.

Lakeridge Ski Resort, nestled in the beautiful Oak Ridges Moraine, offers year-round fun for everyone! During the summer months our campers engage in a variety of different outdoor activities that promote teamwork, build new skills and foster personal achievement in a fun-filled and exciting way.

Our Mountain Bike Camp Instructors teach participants safe riding techniques, balance, ascending/descending, braking, bike handling skills, trail etiquette, & bike maintenance. Throughout the week participants develop awesome trail riding skills, finishing the week with an excursion through the Durham Forest.

Adventure Camp activities include Mountain Biking, Ultimate Balance Challenge, Rock Climbing, High Ropes, Survivor Games, Indoor Obstacle Course & Bouldering Wall. Activities progress from easy to more difficult challenges as confidence and skill levels increase. All abilities are welcome!

We provide the bikes or you can bring your own.

Station Ski & Ride is your local source for a wide selection of bikes, bike services and accessories as well as e-bikes and other healthy urban transportation alternatives.
Our store is located on Main Street N in the Town of Markham.

Today's Natural Solutions Health Store Uxbridge,

307 Toronto St. Unit 1 Uxbridge Ont. L9P 0B4 905-862-3270

Established in Uxbridge since 2007 and has now grown to include sister stores in Scarborugh, Whitby and Coburg.We stock everything from specialized nutritional supplements, to performance sport nutrition products. We also offer Live Blood Cell Analysis onsite which will give you personalized information about your particular health needs. Todays Natural Solutions is owner operated, you can be certian of the absolute best service and support with each and every visit . All our staff is knowledgable and product trained. We look forward to DMBA members visiting our store and meeting more of the community.

Eon D’Ornellas has been riding since the age of fourteen. His accomplishments include four time Olympian and two time Canadian Road Racing Champion. His passion for cycling and over 40 years of hands on experience riding makes him an excellent resource for fitting and servicing bicycles and athletes. In addition to this, he has also serviced both Ironman and Half Iron Man races worldwide including the World Championships in Kona Hawaii. Throughout the racing season, Eon can be found at many of the events located around Ontario and the United States. Eon is an active member of the D’Ornellas Cycling Club giving back to the cycling community. Eon feels that it’s important to stay in touch with all of his customers’ needs. Customers from across the province come to D’Ornellas Bike Shop just to purchase a bike from the shop. Come and find out WHY.


Voted One of the Top Toronto Winter Destinations, Dagmar Ski Resort is #1 for Family Fun!
Ski Dagmar is the ‘Go To’ Family Resort that everyone is talking about. Our Family Learning Center has it all!
Learn to Ski Kids Corral, Magic Carpets & Specialized Children’s Instructors. Whether a Grandparent or a 3 year old, Dagmar’s scenic slopes provide a fun and exciting learning experience for all.
17 Runs from beginner to expert, 4 chairlifts including 2 Quads & 2 Triples – no waiting in line!
Riders-don’t miss Dagmar’s 4 renowned progression Terrain Parks, largest in the Durham Region.
Relax in our comfortable lodge with a licensed lounge, great food and friendly staff.
Prefer the skinny skis? Enjoy over 20kms of heavenly X-Country trails.
Be sure to check summer events! Various obstacle fun runs like the famous 5K Foam Fest
and The Color Run - Happiest 5K.
Dagmar Ski Resort is conveniently located Minutes N/E of Toronto – 7 minutes North of Hwy.7 905-649-2002

A word from Tom: Cycling is my passion. I have dedicated my life to cycling, first as a competitive road rider on the Polish National Team racing throughout Europe, and after retiring from competitive cycling, as a bicycle retailer. I opened BikeSports Newmarket in 1998, followed by BikeSports Richmond Hill in 2004. I think cycling is the perfect sport for every person at every age and every level of fitness. There is such an incredible variety in what’s available in bicycles these days, from road and mountain bikes to comfort and hybrid bikes, as well as everything in between. There truly is a bike for every rider. My goal is to meet the cycling needs of each and every one of my customers. I look forward to meeting you and seeing you out there on the roads and trails. Happy riding! Tom Zielinski, Owner, BikeSports

Cycling training and strength training COMBINED to make you a better athlete.

We are Steve Neal and Andrew Randell: friends and like-minded coaches who joined forces to open The Cycling Gym, a community for people to work out, have fun and train properly to meet their athletic goals, whatever those goals may be. We deeply love the sport of cycling and genuinely enjoy watching people improve and perform to the best of their abilities.
Cycling Training
“It’s best to keep things simple. People can really improve without getting too fancy.”
- Steve Neal

Our training is suitable for anyone—regular active people and elite athletes alike. With consistent training, we can help you get better:
• Racers
• Club Riders
• Triathletes

We use common tools for training:
• Your bike (road, MTB, tri-bike, cyclocross)
• Computrainers
• PerfPro (power-based training software)
• Heart Rate Monitoring
• Muscle Oxygen Saturation (Moxy) Sensors

The difference is, we know how to use these tools to create the best training recipe for each individual.

Everyone’s body is different. Our goal is for our members to train appropriately, applying the correct intensity to meet their athletic goals. We pay close personal attention to members while they are riding, ask how they feel throughout each workout and make adjustments to their program in the moment. Every month, we do new MAP (Maximum Aerobic Power) tests to measure progress and make adjustments so that our athletes can continue to improve.

“This is very much NOT a case of “I’m a champion: this is what I did; now you do it too.” We do not have people come in and smash it for an hour, several days a week. Sure, you can get fit quickly that way, but after six weeks you’re fried. As well as being too generic, the go-hard training plans that everyone follows are not sustainable for getting through a season without experiencing burnout or injury, for your body to stay healthy or to enjoy cycling over several years.” - Andrew Randell

Strength Training
No other indoor cycling training facility has this element: take advantage of our strength training program and take your fitness to a new level.

After years of experience racing and coaching, we strongly believe that we need to do more than just ride our bikes to reach our top athletic performance and maintain our overall health. Sports (such as cycling) and life conditions (such as sitting hunched at a desk working on a computer) cause all sorts of imbalances. We know that strength training—ideally for one hour, two to three times per week—will go a long way to fix these problems. We want you to be strong for your sport and for everything else you have to do in life.

“I totally wrecked my body from years of just riding. I want to prevent anyone I train from ending up in the same boat as me, and the way to do this is through strength training.” - Andrew Randell

“Throughout the years as a coach for cyclists, lacrosse and hockey players, I have seen so many people become much fitter and stronger than they ever thought they could be: they try strength training and like it, feel much healthier overall and they’re better in their sport with the results to prove it.” - Steve Neal

In small classes, we combine stretching and mobility exercises with traditional strength training such as the deadlift, the squat, strict press and horizontal push and pull. We modify and scale exercises to fit each member's individual strength and focus on proper form for everyone to execute the exercises safely. It is always a fun challenge: we promise that you’ll be working so hard there won’t be any time to be “bored with weights.”

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I have also attached our logos, would prefer one with the blue circle if it works on the website.

Looking forward to next summer!

KHS has been producing high quality bicycles for cyclists of all backgrounds in all parts of the world since 1974. From our first day in business KHS has always delivered a unique blend of styling, performance and excellent consumer value. Our product philosophy is simple, build for function and value. Our aim is not to be the largest brand on the planet, on the contrary, we feel that being smaller gives us the flexibility to build bikes for the individual of our consumers. Bicycle build kit options, smaller market bicycles (tandems, folding bikes, single speeds, etc.) and custom model runs are just a few examples of what we can offer that the "big" brands can not. The combination of design philosophy and manufacturing experience helps provide the performance, reliability and enjoyment you'll have every time you get on a KHS Bicycle. KHS believes in respect and dedication to what we refer to as the "Iron Triangle," represented by our customers, suppliers and us, the manufacturers. By fostering strong relationships and understanding the needs of our customers KHS has built one of the strongest, most respected bicycle companies in the world.

Impala Bicycles carries a full range of quality bicycles including road, mountain, BMX and comfort. If you can pedal it, we carry it. Let our expert staff assist you with any questions you may have. We have the right bike for you.

Cycle Life is the new bike shop in Pickering with a lot of experience behind it. Elie, the owner, began working in the cycling industry as a bike mechanic 27 years ago and has worked in and managed bike shops throughout the Durham Region ever since.

Elie has always believed in providing a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere along with great service.

Visit Cycle Life just south of the 401 on Brock on the West Side. We can help you with all of your cycling needs whether you're a serious rider preparing for a race, riding for leisure or fitness, or getting a bike for your child.

We sell mountain, road, cross, hybrid, comfort, bmx and kids bikes and have a full service repair shop."

BicyclesPlus has been serving the Durham Region since 1990. Providing excellent value for your dollar and quality service.

What started as one event in 1994 has burgeoned into one of mountain biking’s largest and most successful event promotions companies. Think B.C. is the epicenter of cycling in Canada? Guess again. With a large variety of accessible, moderately difficult trails, the rolling terrain of Southern Ontario is just the ticket for riders of all ability levels to enjoy the fun and exhilaration of winding through a row of pines or a flowing hardwood trail. Chico Racing has concentrated on the Ontario market, and because of that have been able to create a unique relationship with the sport in our area. The result? A legacy of many trail systems that support some of the biggest events in the world, a knowledge of all facets of the sport, and an inter-personal relationship with our riders that sets us apart from marketing companies that simply target Mountain Biking. So with 14 years of promotional experience, a passion for the sport, and our continued reputation for providing riders with the best possible window into our sport, make Chico Racing events your first, and last stop for participating in our wonderful sport.

Northern Cycle has been serving Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, and the surrounding communities in Durham since 1993. We sell quality Trek, Kona and Louis Garneau bicycles. We have sponsored a weekly mountain bike race series in Durham forest for many years and continue to do so. We have been involved in numerous community events over the years. For a great Bike store experience come see us first we pride ourselves in great service. We want to be your #1 stop for all of your cycling needs.

Some people think of us as a BMX park or a place just for kids. But we are much, much more. Our 102,000+ sq. foot facility is the ideal place to get a great workout, improve your cycling skills and have a great time. Why should the kids have all the fun? Joyride 150 is THE place for “old” kids to feel young again. We feature beginner/sport/expert sections, a 800m cross-country loop, a foam pit and resi jump, pump/race tracks, rhythm and jump lines, a vert park, a street plaza, outdoor dirt jumps (weather permitting) and much more. We provide rental services for bikes, helmets and padding. We have a comfortable lounge as well as two large meeting rooms where we host PK sessions, birthday parties, meetings and demo days. We also recently opened The Boiler Room, a retail store that sells the latest and coolest BMX bikes, parts, clothing, shoes, knapsacks, etc. We offer summer camps, after school programs, private instruction and our very popular Women’s Weekend. We offer fun, fitness and skill building for all cyclists. DMBA Member Benefits: 10% off day passes.

Africycle is an honourary partner. They are a registered charity who's goal is to provide basic access to mobility for rural Malawians.  By increasing the capacity of local bicycle dealers to access quality bikes, they are helping create a steady supply, while also creating jobs and expanding community partnerships.  Please visit their website to find out where you can donate bicycles and components. Cash donations are also always welcomed.

Corporate Members

Corporate Member: Businesses that have contributed $100 to support our efforts this year. We thank you for your generous support.

Having run the O-cup series for the last 11 years sub-contracted to Chico Racing, Super Fly Racing is excited to grab the reins on the series.  They will be running the events in conjunction with the OCA and are excited to bring you the same high standard as you've come to expect with Chico Racing.

Stephen Snoddon FMA, PFP
Investment Advisor
Manulife Securities Incorporated
 Bus 905 666 1604
Cell: 647 967 5259


With over years 17 years experience as a Financial Advisor, I have gained a valuable understanding of risk management and the critical role it plays in portfolio performance.

I take great pride in working with each of my clients individually, building an investment portfolio that accurately reflects their goals.

I constantly review and analyse each of my clients’ portfolios, with a view to improving performance while mitigating risk. I review results with my clients, on-line, face-to-face, by phone, in my office or in their home.

I take a big picture approach to planning. I am able to provide guidance and direction on a wide range of products and services

My goal is to build portfolios and relationships that stand the test of time.

I hold both Financial Management Advisor (FMA) and Personal Financial Planner (PFP) designations.

In 2016, we'll be celebrating 20 years of delivering meticulously researched organized Rides in some of the most spectacular destinations on Earth. Our Rides offer the opportunity to live life to the fullest, be challenged physically and mentally, have meaningful travel experiences, and forge deep connections with other Riders, communities and people around the planet. In 2013, we'll be celebrating 17 years of delivering local, meaningful, kickass Rides to passionate Riders from around the world as the "#1 Mountain Bike Tour Operator on Earth" (ranked by National Geographic Adventure magazine).

All DMBA club members receive 5% off any of our Rides, and we contribute 5% commission on each booking to the DMBA. Just enter 'DMBA' as the promo code when booking your trip.

A DMBA private Sacred Rides' trip with 10 riders would earn the club $1000, and the lead organizer would get 30% off the trip while all other members would receive 5% off

For more information on their club partner program visit

Life is better on a mountain bike

The Second Wedge Brewing Co. is dedicated to brewing beer that brings as much joy to others as the trails of Uxbridge bring to us. We get our name from the rolling hills of the Oak Ridges Moraine, which formed in four wedges from west to east. 

We felt it was time to bring our two loves together and bring the best of beer to Uxbridge, while putting our town on the craft beer map. Opening in late fall 2015, we're a bike-friendly, walkable neighbourhood brewery in downtown Uxbridge — after your ride, come in and try what's fresh and on tap, grab some bottles or fill a growler to go. Cheers!

Keep in touch for grand opening details:
The Second Wedge Brewing Company | Craft brewery | Tasting Room | Bottle Shop | 14 Victoria Street, Uxbridge